Salt Lake City Utah Lawn Service

Turf Plus Lawn Care is proud to service the Salt Lake City area. With over 25 years of lawn and landscaping service experience in Salt Lake, Turf Plus develops individual fertilizer, insecticide, and herbicide solutions to ensure a healthy green lawn for you and your family. From weed control to feeding and insect management, Turf Plus of SLC has your lawn needs covered. For a free lawn analysis contact Turf Plus Salt Lake at 801-373-2065

Total Lawn Care in Salt Lake

Because of our unique Utah high desert environment proper lawn care, including treatment, is critical to the health of your lawn and landscaping. Turf Plus offers a variety of services designed to ensure you have a great lawn for a great price. These services include:

Fertilizer Treatments

Our rich fertilizer blend helps feed your lawn. Developed to work well with the unique soil types present in the Salt Lake area, our treatment will have your lawn looking rich, full and green within approximately three weeks. Because of our 100% satisfaction guarantee, if at any time you are unsatisfied with the appearance of your lawn, contact us immediately and we will come and respray.

Weed Control

Turf Plus inspects your lawn and uses a combination of preventive and aggressive spot treatments to kill broadleaf weeds that can destroy your yard. Morning Glory, Dandelions, and Thistle thrive in Salt Lake lawns. Our specially designed treatment plans can remove most weeds within two treatments, while stubborn weeds are killed to the roots over 6 treatments.

Insect Control

We apply an insect barrier around the perimeter of your lawn as a part of our treatment plan. If at any time you notice brown spots in your yard contact us right away. We will come and spot treat any insect or fungus infested areas and provide additional information at no charge.