Provo Utah Lawn Service

Turf Plus in Utah County offers lawn service, fertilization, and insect control in Provo and Orem Utah. Our 25+ years local experience allows our lawn care experts to provide your family with a lush, healthy, deep green lawn you will cherish for years. Our services include everything your lawn needs, from fertilization to spot treatments of problem areas. For a free lawn analysis contact Turf Plus Lawn Service of Provo at 801-373-2065

Lawn Care Solutions for Provo and Orem

Because of our unique Utah County environment the health of your lawn is dependent on proper care and maintenance. With proper watering, mowing, and lawn service treatments provided by Turf Plus, you can have the lawn you have always wanted. The envy of your neighborhood. Our services include:

Insect and Fungus Treatments

The Turf Plus insect barrier surrounds your yard with a potent layer of protection. We offer spot treatments for fungal infection and insect infestations as needed. If you ever notice brown spots in your yard call our experts immediately for a no-cost treatment of infected areas, and a prevention plan for the future.

Fertilization and Lawn Feeding

Our experts know Provo Utah's unique soil types. Our fertilizer treatments are geared towards the needs of your particular lawn. You will notice a deeper green color, fuller feel, and deep strong roots take hold in your yard. Our treatments show amazing results approximately three weeks after application.

Utah County Weed Control

Weed Control from Turn Plus includes powerful treatments to kill Thistle, Dandelions, Morning Glory, and other noxious and invasive plants. Our industry leading treatments kill these broad leaf weeds all the way down to the root system. Typically weeds are eradicated within 2 to 6 treatments.