Draper Utah Lawn Service

Turf Plus of Draper serves the Draper and South Mountain area. Our experts have over 25 years of experience working with the unique soils found in Draper, the mountains, and along the benches. We offer a free lawn analysis to discover the particular needs for your property. We then spray fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides as needed based on your own lawn's unique needs and requirements. For a free lawn analysis contact Turf Plus Draper at 801-373-2065

Fertilization for Draper and Mountain Homes

Draper is one of the most beautiful cities in Utah. With homes on the valley floor, and high in the mountains in developments like SunCrest, Draper offers special challenges for proper lawn care and maintenance. To ensure a healthy lawn we offer a variety of services designed to give you a great lawn for a great price. The best value for lawn service in Draper. Our services include:

Lawn Fertilizer Treatments

Turf Plus offers a special blend of fertilizers specifically developed to feed your lawn. Draper lawns are built on a variety of soil types, so we evaluate your own needs before recommending a treatment. Within three weeks you will see dramatic changes including healthy roots, lush appearance, and a full deep green color. If you are ever dissatisfied with the appearance of your yard while under contract due to under fertilization, contact us and we will come respray at no charge.

Fungal and Insect Control

Turf Plus of Draper treats a variety of insect and fungal issues to ensure that your lawn is protected. WIth revolutionary services including our insect barrier most of the lawns we service avoid problems with these harmful bugs. If at any time you see signs of a problem such as brown or dead sections feel free to contact us for a spot treatment and further evaluation at no charge.

Broadleaf and Noxious Weed Control

Turf Plus uses powerful, environmentally safe herbicides to control weeds in your yard. Draper is home to Morning Glory, Dandelions, and even difficult to remove Thistle. Our thorough treatment and lawn sprays kill most weeds within two treatments, while stubborn weeds are destroyed, including the root systems, over 5-6 treatments.