Utah Lawn Care with Water Efficient Landscapes

Although not all of Utah is affected by water issues, many homeowners want to be environmentally friendly and use less water to maintain their lawns. There are strategies people can use to reduce the amount of water needed to keep grass green during even the hottest summer. Yet many homeowners are buying landscaping items that use less water and need less work to keep their yards looking nice year round.

One way to create an Earth friendly landscape is to balance lawn with flowers, trees, bushes and hardscaping to make a yard more water and energy efficient. If you combine this idea with items that use less water, you can increase the ability of your landscape of being green and water efficient.


There are different grasses that need less water and use the water they have more effectively. Many of these lawns are beautiful shades of green and have the added benefit of needing little mowing compared to other grasses. These grasses include:

  • Bella Bluegrass
  • Maiden Grass
  • Buffalo Grass
  • Indian Grass


Some people love the look of cacti in their landscape. While cacti in general need less water, some are more suited to Utah than others. Some of the cacti the need less water, less fuss, and do well in the Utah climate are Engelman Hedgehog and Beavertail Cactus. They help your lawn look beautiful and unique as you host your next barbecue.

Vines and Ground Cover

Another way to add beauty and decoration to a lawn without adding a lot of hard work or water usage is to include vines and ground cover. Come vines that need less water include Japanese Wisteria and White Virgins-Bower. Bearberry and Snow-in-Summer are two types of ground cover you can use in landscaping as well.


Many people love the look of perennials in their landscape. When searching for water-friendly items to add to your list you can look for these:

  • Willow Blue Star
  • White Evening Primrose
  • Oriental Poppy
  • Cupids Dart

Deciduous and Coniferous Trees

Trees are a great addition to your lawn. They provide beauty and shade in addition to helping with Utah lawn care and reducing water usage. If you want to add trees to your landscaping project here are some nice ones to consider:

  • Hedge Maple
  • Desert Willow
  • Kentucky Coffee Tree
  • White Fir
  • Utah Juniper
  • Scotch Pine

When determining the best way to reduce the amount of water and time needed to maintain your lawn, you may want to consider optimizing your landscape. This way, you can help the environment, conserve a vital resource and spend more time enjoying your lawn. If you need help determining how to combine Utah lawn care and energy conservation you can contact us. We can help you determine the types of grasses, perennials or other plants are suitable to your soil and location.


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