Utah Lawn Care with Composting

Composting is a good way to make your lawn healthy. Utah lawn care techniques that include composting will make your soil richer, your grass healthier, and your lawn maintenance easier. If you don’t already practice composting strategies it’s not too late to start. By starting with fall remnants you can use compost as a part of your winterizing this year and start next year with some healthy compost for spring.

You want to use garden and plant remains for your compost. In the fall you can use leaves, grass clippings, pumpkins, hedge clippings, and any trimmings from your garden. You don’t want to use items like apple cores of food waste for your lawn compost.

If you go to your local garden supply store you will find many different containers that are suitable for composting. You can start small if you want and then upgrade to a larger containing when your Utah lawn care routine has included composting for a few years.

When you apply your compost, you want to add it after you aerate your lawn but before you apply fertilizer. This way the compost has a better chance of giving your lawn important nutrients.

Next year you will want to apply new compost during your spring lawn chores, once during the summer, and then again next fall as part of your winterizing routine Adding composting to your Utah lawn care will make your lawn healthy and it won’t cost you any more money. You may even be able to reduce the number of times your fertilize your lawn.

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