Utah Lawn Care: Treating Morning Glory

Did you realize that morning glory is actually a weed? These pretty purple flowers that open every morning can choke your lawn and keeping it from growing healthy. So

Utah Lawn Care: Treating Morning Glory

how do you take care of the problem? Here are some tips:

Recognize the culprit

Moring Glory are blossoms that grow on large vines. The vines can be up to ten feet long and have heart shaped leaves. The color of the blossoms varies but common colors are white, blue and purple. The flowers generally open in the morning and stay open for the rest of the day.

Preventive Maintenance

Morning glory grow all year round, however with preventive Utah lawn care you can keep this weed from growing in your yard. If you use a preemergent herbicide in April or May you can prevent outbreaks of this weed.

What to do now?
Many weeds, including Morning Glory, thrive during the hot summer months, including July. If you find these blooms on your lawn you can treat with an herbicide. Reapply every five or six weeks to prevent a reappearance of the weed.

Another method you can use to keep this and other weeds out of your lawn this summer are to use a high setting on your lawn mower. This keeps weeds from receiving the sunlight they need to grow and ruin the look of your beautiful lawn.

If you want help with Morning Glory, Turf Plus can help you with all of your Utah Lawn Care needs. Just contact us with your lawn problems and we can take care of them for you.

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