Utah Lawn Care: Thistle

You may encounter many strange plants while maintaining your lawn. Some of these plants may even appear to be pretty at first sight, but may actually be weeds or at least pests that need to be removed. Your Utah lawn care duties may include detecting and eliminating thistle when it appears.

What Is It?

Thistle is a flowering plant that has leaves with sharp prickles. These prickles can also appear on the stem. The flower may be pink, purple or even red. There are over 15 different varieties of Thistle, and some of them are prevalent to the Utah area.

Why Worry about Thistle?

Why should you worry about Thistle? One aspect is that its sharp prickles are not comfortable if you step on them with bare feet. If you have small children, then you may want to make sure that there are no signs of Thistle during your Utah lawn care duties to prevent them from hurting their feet.

Another reason why you may want to remove this plant is because it is extremely prolific and very hard to control. Once it takes root in your lawn it can spread rapidly, and one flower can release as many as 20,000 seeds depending on a variety.

So if you do not want your lawn to be taken over by this plant then you will want to take steps to remove it when you see it. Because it is a broad leaf plant, you can use these kinds of herbicides to remove them. You don’t want to cut them or pull them because you may hurt your hand and you may accidentally spread the seeds on your lawn and make the situation worse.

Utah lawn care can often mean trying to determine the health of your lawn and if it is infected by weeds or pests. If you have an un-identifiable plant or insect in your lawn, you may want to contact us for help. We can identify it and show you how to remove it so that you can bring your lawn back to its original healthy state.





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