Utah Lawn Care: Protecting Your Lawn From Drought

Recognize drought BEFORE it browns your lawn!

The weather has warmed and the rain has slowed.  Learn how to recognize drought BEFORE it does damage to your lawn and prevent those nasty brown spots from emerging and spreading!

Protecting Your Lawn From Drought

During the summer it isn’t uncommon to see brown patches on your neighbor’s lawn. These people religiously mow their lawns every week to keep it short and run their sprinklers every day several times a day. They don’t understand why they work so hard, yet are rewarded with a dry, barren lawn while your lawn is green, lush and beautiful. How is this possible? Because you know the Utah lawn care tip about protecting your lawn from drought.

Drought in this case doesn’t necessarily mean a long period of time when you don’t see a drop of rain in the forecast. This can happen, especially during the month of August. Instead we are talking about the way your lawn looks and feels because of improper Utah lawn care.

The causes of drought often include uneven watering, shallow watering, and uneven drying. Another problem that can instigate drought is mowing your lawn on the lower settings, which can remove more than the top 1/3 of a blade of grass. This top portion of the blades is where most of your color resides.  Taking too much off the top when you mow can leave your lawn looking dry and strawlike instead of green and healthy.

The answer to drought isn’t necessarily watering more, it is watering smart. Make sure that your sprinklers cover your lawn evenly when you water your lawn. You also need to make sure that you penetrate the soil deep enough to reach the roots of your grass. Make sure that you have ten inches of moist soil every time you water your lawn so that you can encourage deep, healthy roots.

If you do this, you don’t have to water your lawn every day. In fact, shallow watering, is a symptom of watering your lawn on a frequent basis for a short period of time without hitting the required depth. If portions of your lawn are drying faster than others due to intermittent shade, make sure that portion of your lawn is receiving the necessary amount of water to encourage deep roots.

Proper Utah lawn care to prevent drought doesn’t entail more work, it actually requires less work. Then not only do you have a beautiful lawn during the driest time of the year, you also have a helped your lawn develop a resistance to insects and disease. So enjoy your beautiful lawn, you have earned it.


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