Utah Lawn Care: Orchard Grass Prevention

Utah lawn care includes as much prevention as it does fixing a problem when it occurs. Affective maintence in the spring and eary summer can help prevent many lawn care problems that happen later in the summer. Some problems, however, are a little more difficult to prevent. The growth of orchard grass in your lawn is one type of problem that is hard to prevent and treat.

In August it is common to see many different types of weeds and insects that damage your lawn. Orchard grass, however, is a little different. It is a perennial, grows from early spring till fall, and its growth season coincides with the growth of your lawn. Orchard grass has light colored blades that are v-shaped, and forms in patches. It also has light green leaves that are approximately ten inches long and 1/3 inches wide.

The reason why Orchard grass is difficult to prevent and remove is that it is a grass, and any treatments you use on your lawn to prevent Orchard grass may harm your lawn as well. If you like, you can try applying a pre-emergent herbicide in late spring, April or May, to try to prevent the growth of Orchard grass on your lawn.

If you find Orchard grass and want to remove it, you can try to use a non-selective herbicide, but there is a good chance you will cause damage to your surrounding lawn. This means you will need to reseed in these areas. You can also try to maintain your lawn by mowing at the 2″ setting, which is a good way to prevent many weeds and unwanted plants from growing on your lawn.

If you want to get rid of Orchard grass or have other Utah lawn care problems, feel free to contact us. We can offer you a consu

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