Utah Lawn Care: Dealing with the Cranberry Girdler

An important part of Utah lawn care is recognizing when you have a pest problem and knowing how to get rid of them. The

Utah Lawn Care: Dealing with the Cranberry Girdler

Utah Lawn Care: Dealing with the Cranberry Girdler

Cranberry Girdler is a pest that normally doesn’t appear until July, but you may see the signs of infestation as early as April. This is why it is important to understand this pest now to prevent problems this season.

What does a Cranberry Girdler look like?

The in its pupae stage, Cranberry Girdler, or web worm is approximately three-quarters of an inch long and are either gray or dirty-white. As an adult, it is a buff-colored moth that has brown stripes and three black dots on its wing tips. The worm stays underground, so you won’t see it unless you pull up a patch of earth. The moth appears at night and you may see it in your yard if you have an infestation.

What are the signs of a Cranberry Girdler infestation?

  • Normally appears between July and September
  • If you have a dried out patch of lawn and you can remove it as one large piece this is a possible sign of infestation
  • If you see the adult moths hovering over the infected areas of your lawn at night your lawn is most likely infected with the pest

How do you get rid of a Cranberry Girdler infestation?

If you treat the affected areas of your lawn with an insecticide you should be able to remove the pest. If your lawn is made of turf grass, or you have cranberry bushes or Douglas firs your property is vulnerable to this type of pest. If you irrigate and use fertilizers you can help decrease the risk of an infestation and if your lawn is healthy it stands a good chance of recovering from the blight.

Utah lawn care can be the cause of a Cranberry Girdler infestation. If you overly maintain your lawn you may attract the pest. Maintain a careful balance in your lawn chores and you can help decrease the chance of this pest visiting your property. If you have any questions about Utah lawn care, the Cranberry Girdler, or any other lawn pest, feel free to contact us for help.

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