Utah Lawn and Spring Weeds

As the weather continues to warm up you will need to start examining your Utah lawn for weeds. The cold weather caused weeds to become dormant, but the warmth and rain of Spring will begin to activate them.


There are several different types of weeds that you will need to look for. They are all perennials, such as thistle, dandelion, and Mallow. Mallow is also known as cheese weed or cheese plant and is a broad leafed weed with a pink flower. While this weed is edible, you may not want it to overpower you lawn because it will crowd your grass and not allow it to grow healthy and strong.

You can use a pre-emergent herbicide to help control Mallow. If the patch is small enough you may want to consider hand weeding so that you can eat the plant if you want.

With other weeds, if they are thin and grass like you may want to consider a non-selective herbicide; or, you can use a selective herbicide for broad leafed weeds.

Preventing weeds from controlling your lawn is more about preventive maintenance than it is about attacking your lawn when they appear. Starting effective watering tips when you start your spring chores and mowing your lawn at the second highest setting will help prevent most weeds and diseases from infesting your lawn.

With a Utah lawn, your work is only beginning. But a little effort in the Spring will help you have a healthy and beautiful lawn during the summer and fall. If you have any questions or need help with your lawn care issues please feel free to contact us.


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