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Winterizing Your Utah Lawn

November is a slow month for homeowners in Utah. As the weather grows colder your lawn will slow its growth. You will see little in the way of weeds and disease, and watering and mowing is no longer necessary. Before you put your lawn equipment away for the winter, you should consider winterizing your Utah lawn.

When you mow your lawn for the last time this year you may want to go in a different direction. This will help remove the dead tips on your lawn and make it look healthier longer. You will want to stop feeding your lawn nitrogen and start feeding it phosphorus and potassium as part of your winterization process.

You will want to fertilize your lawn with a slow release formula and apply compost to provide extra nutrients.

You will want to use a garden rake to pull out any dead grass and check for any patches of weeds that may be left. If there are any patches of weeds near your lawn you will want to remove those as well. Getting rid of weeds in and around your lawn will control fungus and disease.

By winterizing your Utah lawn you will help it look nice this year and prepare your lawn for next year. When spring comes around you will find you will have less work and a nicer looking lawn than your neighbors.

Utah Lawn Care for November

The end of this year’s growing season is drawing to a close for your lawn. Time to wrap up this year’s tasks and perhaps prepare your lawn for next year. Utah lawn care for November includes final steps and you will see a decrease in disease, insects, and weeds.

As the weather continues to grow colder you won’t need to water your lawn as frequently as you did before. You may need to water your lawn a few times this month, but most likely you will be able to put your sprinklers away for the year. If you didn’t drain your automatic sprinkling system yet you will want to make sure you do it this year before the water freezes in the pipes.

You will not have to mow your lawn this month as much either. A few times during the month should be sufficient. If you do mow your lawn, keep your mower at the second highest setting.

You will not see much in the way of weeds, insects, or disease in November. This is the time of hibernation for most insects, and weeds and diseases are typically dormant due to the cold weather. Utah lawn care in terms of protecting your lawn may include one last dose of herbicide with your winterizing fertilizer treatment.

November will be when you start to see your Utah lawn list grow smaller. You may need to rake the last leaves from your yard, but mostly you can focus on winterizing your lawn and preparing for next year’s growing season. If you have any questions of problems regarding lawn care for November, feel free to call us for a free consultation.


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