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Utah Lawn Care and a Vegetable Garden

Spring means warmer weather, Utah Lawn care, and all things green. With Earth Day this month, many people turn to ideas about how they can improve the environment. But one great way to benefit Mother Nature is to help yourself. This is where sustainability comes in, and a vegetable garden is a great step in that direction.

Sustainability is a term that reduces the need for energy and resources while taking care of basic needs. It is a term that is popular in businesses to help reduce overhead costs, as well as find ways to take care of basic operations with increased efficiency. Reducing costs while increasing efficiency isn’t reserved for just businesses, however; families that can reduce their budgets while taking care of needs such as food, clothes, transportation and energy can have a more comfortable living while getting the most from their money.

There are many different ways to create a sustainable environment at home. This can include better insulation, low-e windows, even finding ways to allow more natural light into a home while reduce the amount of cool and warm air that escapes the home. There are also alternative energy sources and efficient appliances that can be purchased that will help reduce energy bills.

But there are things you can do outside that can create a sustainable environment. You can train the roots of your lawn with proper watering techniques now, to reduce overall water consumption during the growing season. You can use food waste and lawn trimmings as compost to reduce the need for chemicals. You can utilize some of the weeds and fungus that grow on your lawn, such as mushrooms and dandelions, to supplement your food supply. You can also decide to grow a garden.

As food costs continue to rise, people are looking for alternative ways to provide food for their families. Even in large urban areas, people are growing gardens on apartment roofs. Some cities have even allowed what is becoming known as urban farming, which allows not only gardens but some farm animals to be raised in cities. If you have some space in your yard, you may want to consider growing some vegetables this spring and summer.

You don’t have to commit to becoming a full blown gardener in order to grow vegetables. You can start small, with a few hanging plants on your porch, or container gardens in your side yard. As you learn more about gardening and become more confident, you can then expand your selection and even dedicate an area of your lawn to growing squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, or other great vegetables.

As with standard Utah lawn care, your vegetable garden will need care and you need to protect it from weeds, diseases, or pests. If you have any questions about your lawn, you can contact us for more information and help.


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