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Check Your Utah Lawn Now

While you may not need to start spring tasks for your lawn right now there are things that you can do to lessen you work load in March and April. By checking your Utah lawn now, you can determine exactly what you will need to do to get your lawn ready for the summer.

You will want to look for any bare patches that you will want to reseed this spring. If any toys, lawn furniture, or tarps were left out on the lawn remove them and check the grass underneath. There may be bare patches, snow mold, or weeds that need to be cared for in the next few months. You will also want to look for signs of weeds that will need to be removed to prevent them from choking the lawn. Sometimes weeds may grow late in the season if the winter was mild or got a late start.

Checking the rest of the lawn for signs of snow mold or other damages, such as from rock salt. If the rock salt applied to driveways or sidewalks landed on the grass it could damage it. Any dead branches or rocks that were blown down or thrown into the yard need to be removed before aerating and fertilizing the lawn.


Make a list of any problems you will need to take care of during the early spring lawn care maintenance. If you have any questions regarding your Utah lawn and how to care for it this spring, feel free to contact us for answers.

Utah Lawn Tools for the Holidays

Tools are often a good choice as a gift for the avid gardener or the fussy homeowner who loves to take care for their lawn. Utah lawn tools are always a great gift for the holidays when trying to find something for that person who is always difficult to buy for.


There are many different great tools to buy that can help with the labor intensive aspects of carrying for a lawn. If the person has a large lawn that they have to take care of every year they may be interested in an electric dethatcher. Thatch is a layer of dead grass and weeds that can accumulate over time. Removing thatch is a good way to keep a lawn healthy all year round.


A nice gift that is also unique is a pair of aerating shoes. These shoes have spikes on them that help to create holes in a lawn. A similar idea would be a coring aerator. This device makes larger holes than a standard aerator and is often used in seeding, fertilizing, and preparing organic lawns.


A lawnmower is an important tool for keeping any Utah lawn healthy. There have been many different advancements in lawnmowers and some people who are early adopters or avid gardeners may be interested in some more technologically advanced mowers that are now available. Battery-powered mowers are efficient but also help protect the environment for those who prefer a lower carbon footprint or are trying to maintain an organic lawn. Robo mowers are self-propelled and help cut the work down for people who are trying to maintain a large lawn.


If you have an older family member on your gift list you may want to consider a weed remover. Some of these removers allow people to remain standing while weeding. This helps those who have bad backs or are unable to bend over while weeding. The gardener on your list will definitely thank you for this handy tool.


There are many different gift ideas for people who are looking to shop for homeowner who is struggling to maintain their Utah lawn. Asking the specialists at lawn care centers can help determine what tools may be best for the gardener who is on your holiday gift list. The thoughtful present of lawn tools well definitely put you on the top of the recipient’s good list.

Preparing Your Utah Lawn for Next Year

There are ways for you to prepare your Utah lawn this fall for next year. One thing you can do is winterize your lawn and treat it so that next year it will need less water. This will help you reduce costs, save energy, protect the environment, and still have a beautiful lawn.

The first step you will want to take to prepare your lawn for next year is to aerate the lawn. You will want to make three passes to make sure your lawn is aerated thoroughly. You will want to use a type of aerator that leaves plugs in your lawn for the next few steps.

You will want to spread water absorbing polymer crystals on your lawn. You will need approximately 2 lbs of crystals per 1,000 square feet of lawn. Then you will want to rake the crystals int the plug holes to help it penetrate your lawn.

If your lawn looks thin you can reseed after applying the crystals. This will help your lawn look full and healthy next year.

Next you will want to apply a top dressing, such as compost. After the compost you can apply a fertilizer if you wish.

You will want to wait 24 hours before watering your lawn and when you do water it you will want to make sure you saturate your lawn. Then next year the water absorbing crystals will allow your Utah lawn use less water and still look healthy.

Winterizing Your Utah Lawn

November is a slow month for homeowners in Utah. As the weather grows colder your lawn will slow its growth. You will see little in the way of weeds and disease, and watering and mowing is no longer necessary. Before you put your lawn equipment away for the winter, you should consider winterizing your Utah lawn.

When you mow your lawn for the last time this year you may want to go in a different direction. This will help remove the dead tips on your lawn and make it look healthier longer. You will want to stop feeding your lawn nitrogen and start feeding it phosphorus and potassium as part of your winterization process.

You will want to fertilize your lawn with a slow release formula and apply compost to provide extra nutrients.

You will want to use a garden rake to pull out any dead grass and check for any patches of weeds that may be left. If there are any patches of weeds near your lawn you will want to remove those as well. Getting rid of weeds in and around your lawn will control fungus and disease.

By winterizing your Utah lawn you will help it look nice this year and prepare your lawn for next year. When spring comes around you will find you will have less work and a nicer looking lawn than your neighbors.

Keep Your Utah Lawn from Melting This Summer

With the hot weather associated with July, you may feel like you are melting. Even your pets are hot and your plants seem to droop. When you look out at your backyard,

Keep Your Utah Lawn from Melting This Summer

your lawn seems to be wilting as well. Your Utah lawn may be more than just suffering from the heat, however.

One disease that is common in July is Helminthosporium. This disease, also known as melting out, creates browning patches in your yard. The way to tell if your lawn is infected with Helminthosporium is to look at the blades of grass. If the blade is brown on the edges with a line of purple and then green, your lawn is infected with this disease.

There are different ways you can prevent this disease from affecting your yard. In the spring you can aerate your yard to allow your roots to grow deep and healthy. If you mow your lawn high you will help your lawn become more resistant to this disease. If you reduce the number of times you water your lawn you can also prevent Helminthosporium.

Sometimes even the best maintenance can’t prevent every potential Utah lawn care issue. If your lawn suffers from Helminthosporium or another common lawn disease, contact us for help.


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