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Utah Lawn Care: Are You Ready for Spring?

While it is only February and it may seem like winter will never end, spring is just around the corner. Are you ready? In terms of Utah lawn care, homeowners have a long to-do list to prepare their property for the nicer weather.

There are many different tasks you need to complete in spring. In early spring you will need to apply fertilizer to your entire lawn. This will replenish nutrients that were lost during the winter. Fertilizing your lawn in the spring will also help your grass to grow strong and healthy the rest of the year.

Applying a pre-emergent herbicide will help with weed and pest control. The herbicide will prevent germination of many different weeds that can grow in the spring, especially after a mild winter. A little work in the beginning of the growing season will prevent a lot of work later in the year.

It is also important to treat any stress related diseases that occurred during the winter. Diseases such as snow mold can occur if there were multiple freezes and thaws during the winter. Treat the patches and then reseed to help new grass grow and keep your lawn looking great.

You should check all of your tools and make sure that they are in good working order. Now is a good time to maintain your lawn mower, sharpen blades, and replace any tools that are old or not working properly. You will also want to check your supplies to make sure you have enough fertilizer, top soil, and herbicide to take care of any situations that may arise during spring and summer months.

Any preparations you can do now will help make sure that you are ready once spring finally arrives. It is a good cure for the winter blues and cabin fever that often sets in during February. Start your to-do list now and if you have any questions feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

Utah Lawn Care: Spring Planning

In December there is not much work that needs to be done in terms of Utah lawn care. Homeowners can take advantage of this down time by starting to plan for spring. By starting work now you can take your time over the next several months obtaining tools or inventory that you need in order to be ready when the spring thaw comes next year.


One of the first things you may want to do is a fast your inventory. Take a look at your fertilizer, weed killer, or pesticides that you normally use to care for your lawn. If you are running low on any of these common staples you may want to purchase them now. This way you are ready to get started as soon as the weather starts to get warm.


You’ll also want to look at your tools. You want to check any of them for damage and sharpen items such as trimmers. Now may be a good time to tune up your lawnmower and sharpen the blades if they have become dull. If any of your tools need to be replaced or if you believe that you need some new tools for next year’s gardening, now is a good time to start placing hints for the holidays.


Utah lawn care includes maintenance, preventive maintenance, and making occasional adjustments to your landscape. You may want to check to make sure that your sprinklers are working properly. If you noticed last season that some areas were not properly watered you may want to make plans to adjust your automatic sprinklers for next season.


You may also want to decide whether to purchase grass seed for next year. You may have some areas that should be re-seated because you have bare patches or because you have made a change in your landscape determine what type of seed you want to buy now so that you can determine when it needs to be planted in the spring.


While Utah lawn care may be dormant in December it is never too early to start next year’s preparations. When starting early you are able to make sure that you have everything in place for the next growing season. If you have encountered any difficult challenges with your lawn last year you may want to consult with the specialists at Turf Plus in order to prevent similar problems next spring when you start caring for your lawn again.

Utah Lawn Care Reading List

Winter is a good time to do some reading. The weather is often cold and snowy and prohibits a lot of outdoor activities. There are many different books that help people learn how to take care of their lawns. A Utah lawn care reading list can include even more technological gadgets such as e-book readers and tablets.


If you have a Kindle there are many great gardening books on Amazon. Some of them have to do with lawn care for beginners, advanced lawn care or even organic lawn care. There are even some books available that can help the teenager in your house obtain some extra money mowing lawns.


If you have a Nook, Barnes & Noble also has many great titles for lawn care and gardening. Also with a Nook you can find great PDFs and load them onto your device for reading later.


Not all of the great reading material for gardening is on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Also some of the great documents available to help people with their lawn are free. If you search the Internet on your desktop, laptop, or tablet you will find many helpful PDFs that are low cost or free for download.


You can also start looking for gardening or lawn care blogs that you want to subscribe to. If you get in the habit of reading them during the winter months you will be more likely to maintain that habit in the spring and summer. If you subscribe to their RSS feed you can use Google reader to feed new posts to your smart phone, tablet, or email. This way you can keep updated on your Utah lawn care reading list even when you are at the in-Laws for the holidays.


Of course if you don’t have any of these devices you can always ask for them. Electronic devices make a great gift and may help give ideas to people who are having trouble determining what to buy for you for the holidays. There are also gift cards that are available for Barnes & Noble and Amazon to let you purchase your own Utah lawn care reading list titles.


If you are looking for free reading material to help get you started you can always read Turf Plus’ free e-book. It has some great tips for the beginner to help get your Utah lawn off to a good start the spring.

Utah Lawn Care with Composting

Composting is a good way to make your lawn healthy. Utah lawn care techniques that include composting will make your soil richer, your grass healthier, and your lawn maintenance easier. If you don’t already practice composting strategies it’s not too late to start. By starting with fall remnants you can use compost as a part of your winterizing this year and start next year with some healthy compost for spring.

You want to use garden and plant remains for your compost. In the fall you can use leaves, grass clippings, pumpkins, hedge clippings, and any trimmings from your garden. You don’t want to use items like apple cores of food waste for your lawn compost.

If you go to your local garden supply store you will find many different containers that are suitable for composting. You can start small if you want and then upgrade to a larger containing when your Utah lawn care routine has included composting for a few years.

When you apply your compost, you want to add it after you aerate your lawn but before you apply fertilizer. This way the compost has a better chance of giving your lawn important nutrients.

Next year you will want to apply new compost during your spring lawn chores, once during the summer, and then again next fall as part of your winterizing routine Adding composting to your Utah lawn care will make your lawn healthy and it won’t cost you any more money. You may even be able to reduce the number of times your fertilize your lawn.

Utah Lawn Care for November

The end of this year’s growing season is drawing to a close for your lawn. Time to wrap up this year’s tasks and perhaps prepare your lawn for next year. Utah lawn care for November includes final steps and you will see a decrease in disease, insects, and weeds.

As the weather continues to grow colder you won’t need to water your lawn as frequently as you did before. You may need to water your lawn a few times this month, but most likely you will be able to put your sprinklers away for the year. If you didn’t drain your automatic sprinkling system yet you will want to make sure you do it this year before the water freezes in the pipes.

You will not have to mow your lawn this month as much either. A few times during the month should be sufficient. If you do mow your lawn, keep your mower at the second highest setting.

You will not see much in the way of weeds, insects, or disease in November. This is the time of hibernation for most insects, and weeds and diseases are typically dormant due to the cold weather. Utah lawn care in terms of protecting your lawn may include one last dose of herbicide with your winterizing fertilizer treatment.

November will be when you start to see your Utah lawn list grow smaller. You may need to rake the last leaves from your yard, but mostly you can focus on winterizing your lawn and preparing for next year’s growing season. If you have any questions of problems regarding lawn care for November, feel free to call us for a free consultation.


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