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Why You May be Experience Utah Lawn Care Problems

While most people enjoy growth, health and beauty in May, some owners may be experiencing Utah lawn care problems. This can range from brown grass to bald spots that stubbornly refuse to grow grass. Here are some common reasons for these types of problems along with some possible solutions.

Brown Grass

Most lawns should be turning green in May as the consistent rain and warmer temperatures help it recover from the winter. Some lawns however may remain brown. These lawns may be difficult to keep healthy and remain brown all year round, no matter what the temperature or rainfall may be for the growing season. This can be the result of several different issues.

One issue may be the soil. If your soil is devoid of important nutrients, you will have a difficult time maintaining a healthy lawn. Adding fertilizer to your lawn in the early spring can help restore the soil to its normal levels and encourage lawn growth. You may have issues with acidity in your lawn, which you can test and repair by adding lime to your lawn when you add fertilizer.

Another problem that may result in brown grass is mowing your lawn at an improper setting. If you remove more than the top one-third of blade of grass when you mow than you are removing too much of the stem. This can result in a brown lawn that isn’t allowed to maintain a healthy height.

Brown patches

If you have patches that remain brown no matter what you do to encourage healthy growth, you may be having issues with your watering system. If your sprinklers aren’t covering your lawn adequately then you may leave certain spots to the fickle temperament of Mother Nature. This part of the lawn isn’t receiving the water it needs consistently to grow green and healthy.  You need to check your sprinklers every year to ascertain if it is covering all areas of your lawn.

Brown patches may also indicate an insect problem. Signs of infestations of white grub, cranberry girdler and sod worm can be brown patches of your lawn that lift up in one solid piece. If the infestation goes untreated it can affect large areas of your lawn, creating multiple brown patches.

If you have one area of your lawn that is consistently brown it may be a sign that a previous homeowner had a garden in that spot. If that garden was in the same location for many years it can deplete that area of soil of important nutrients. You may want to concentrate on that area when you aerate and fertilize your lawn in the spring so that you can bring that section up to par with the rest of your lawn.

If you have Utah lawn care problems that include bald patches, brown patches or a brown lawn feel free to contact us for help. We may be able to determine the cause of the problem and let you know what can be done to make your lawn a great place to spend the summer.


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