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Utah Lawn: Supplies and Advice for Spring

Before the busy spring lawn care season starts, you may want to start looking for needed supplies and gathering information. This way you can prepare now and answer any questions you may have to have a green and healthy lawn this year.

Start looking for deals on any supplies that you will need, especially for the spring. Check your local lawn and garden supply stores to see when they will be carrying spring lawn supplies. Ask them about any new products they will be carrying and any specials they may have in the next few months. Saving a few dollars now can help you later in the year and may allow you to do some landscaping to improve your lawn later in the year.

Start gathering books and articles that you may need to help you with your spring lawn tasks. There are many e-books and online articles that are free or low cost that help new gardeners. Read the materials and start compiling a list of questions that you may have about your particular lawn needs. Then you can ask you local lawn and garden supply store personnel about any recommendations they may have. You can also feel free to contact us for advice. We are available all year round to answer any Utah lawn questions or help with pests, diseases or weeds that infect your lawn this year.

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