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Utah Lawn Care: Dealing with Spurge

With the advent of cooler weather homeowners will be able to breath a sigh of relief as the weed season begins to wane. One problem that may persist, however is spurge. When it comes to Utah lawn care, dealing with spurge can be a matter of persistence and prevention.

You may have spurge on your lawn and not realize it is considered a weed. If you have clumps of about a dozen heart shape leaves that fan out from a flower center you may have spurge. This weed grows throughout the summer but it prefers the cooler air to the hot dry weather of June, July and August.

You can try to apply a selective herbicide four five to six weeks to eliminate spurge, but the weed is often resilient to this regimen. If you have had issues with spurge in the past, applying a pre-emergent herbice in the early spring can help reduce the weed the next growing season.

As always, mowing at the three inch level can help promote a healthy lawn and prevent the occurrence of spurge or other weeds throughout the year. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us about spurge or any other Utah lawn care issues.



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