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Solar Lighting for Your Utah Lawn

Weeding, seeding, and watering aren’t the only chores you will want to complete for your Utah lawn this year. You may want to find ways to make your lawn more beautiful and enjoyable for the summer barbecue season. Solar lighting is a good alternative for making your patio, walkways, and gardens accessible at night without increasing your energy bill.

There are a wide range of solar lighting available, depending on budget and purpose. Here is a list of some of the types of lighting available, ranging from decorative to replacing standard lighting systems:

  • Decorative: These include little creatures such as frogs, butterflies, or gnomes. They don’t add much light to the area but they are a great accent to a garden, patio, or front lawn.
  • Fixture lights: They can be low to the ground, and provide more light than decorative figures. They are great for borders, landscapes or driveways.
  • Tall fixtures: Think of tiki torches and you have an idea of tall fixtures that can help illuminate a path or small area.
  • Hanging lights: they are similar to tall fixtures in terms of the amount of light they give off. Great for garden arches or patios
  • Patio lights: These lights are brighter and designed to help illuminate a larger area
  • spotlights: Are best for illuminating one specific area, as with a standard spotlight they range in size and intensity

If you are looking to use solar lighting for your Utah lawn this year, there are some things that you need to consider. They include:

  • Goals: What are you looking to accomplish with your solar lights? How many will you need and what type to accomplish that goal?
  • Natural light: In order for solar lights to be effective they need to receive adequate sunlight during the day.
  • Budget: based on your goals and natural lighting, what type of lights will fit your goal and budget?
  • Alternative sources: Some of these solar lights need batteries in order to work, while others can use solar panels if in a shaded area.

Solar lighting can be a nice way to illuminate your Utah lawn while reducing energy costs. Because more people are staying at home while on vacations, these lights can help you entertain guests this summer. Consider your lighting needs and budget, and determine if some or all of your lighting needs can be taken care of with solar lighting.

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