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Utah Lawn Care Issues: Dealing with Rust

When the weather turns cool most Utah lawn diseases start to drop off. One Utah lawn care issue that a homeowner may have to deal with in September, however is rust. This disease gets its name from the reddish brown spores that are kicked up when people and animals travel across an infected lawn. These spores are created by a fungus that thrives in the late summer, early fall. This is when lawn growth slows down and cool nights with warm sunny days encourages damp patches of grass that are slow to dry.

The more humid the weather the better chance that rust may be an issue. You may see the fungus begin in shady areas where the grass is wet for longer periods during the day. If you have nights with cool temperatures and a lot of dew coupled with sunny days that are relatively warm, you may want to keep an eye out for signs of rust as well.

A fungicide such as daconil or bayleton is the preferred treatment for rust. Apply the fungicide once or twice a month until all signs of the disease are eliminated. If you want to prevent the growth of rust or other diseases, there are some preventive methods you can use to make your lawn care duties lighter.

Applying the right amount of fertilizer will help encourage a healthy lawn and discourages many weeds, insects and diseases. In the fall, make sure you water less but mow more. When you water the lawn, make sure to irrigate in the morning to give the grass time to dry in the sun and prevent moisture from developing overnight.

If these lawn tips don’t prevent the growth of rust or other Utah lawn care issues, please contact us and we will be able to help you get your lawn back in shape for fall.

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