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Utah Lawn Care: Powdery Mildew

Most diseases that affect the lawn prepare to become dormant in the fall. Depending on weather conditions, some diseases may appear. Utah lawn care may include treating diseases even in the fall, especially powdery mildew.

Powdery mildew is created from several different types of fungi. It can attack many different types of plants and grasses, and can spread quickly. It first appears as white powdery spots on the blade that changes to tan as the spores are reproduced asexually.

Powdery mildew usually lies dormant in the winter and will start to spread as the cool, humid temperatures of spring signal the beginning of its next growth cycle. It also likes moderate humid temperatures with plenty of cloud cover, which is why you may see a reemergence of the disease in the fall.

A nitrogen fertilizer applied in the spring can help to prevent the growth of powdery mildew.  Many different fungicides can help eliminate the disease if repeated over time. If the disease persists or resists treatment, you can contact us for help. Turf Plus can help with Utah lawn care such as powdery mildew. We can inspect your lawn to determine if it is contaminated with powdery mildew or other disease and treat your lawn to make sure it is healthy in the spring for a new year of growth.

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