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Utah Lawn Care: April Insects and Diseases

While it is still early in the growing season, April Utah lawn care can still include treating insects or diseases that appear on your lawn. April insects can include White Grub and diseases can include mushrooms.

White Grub

There aren’t many insects that appear in Utah in April. Too possibilities that have been seen in the past are Cranberry Girdler and White Grub. You may want to keep your eye out for signs of these insects while going about your spring landscaping chores.

White grubs are approximately 2” in length, are a cream color, and have a dark head. They cause multiple brown spots to appear on your lawn, and they spread rapidly. If you pull up a section of your lawn that has a brown spot it will often come up in one piece. You may also see the insects just underneath the grass in the soil when you remove the damaged area.

While the common growth period for White Grub is July through September, you may see them as early as April. In order to treat the problem you can apply an insecticide to the infected areas. You can repeat the treatment several times until you begin to see the dead grubs on the soil. Once you have treated the lawn and remove the insects, your lawn will often recover on its own within 4-6 weeks.


Mushrooms can be seen if the area experiences unusually heavy rainfall in April. While mostly they are just an eyesore, they can indicate a potential problem. Mushrooms are usually caused by moisture in the soil; however they can also be created by a large among of decaying organic material.

Mushrooms can indicate a drainage issue in your yard that needs to be remedied to prevent other landscaping issues. They can also show you an area that has a large amount of dead leaves, grass, or animal waste.  You can prevent the growth of mushrooms by removing dead leaves and raking the yard after you mow the lawn, especially if the grass was high before it was cut.

If you continue to have a problem or are looking for a different solution, you can spray mushrooms with a fungicide to remove them. You can mow off their heads when you take care of lawn as another method of removing mushrooms.

If you don’t mind their presence esthetically, mushrooms can help your lawn by breaking down decaying organic material and depositing it back in your soil. Since mushrooms will often die off on their own as the spring rains decrease, they could be viewed as a temporary way to offer extra nutrition for your lawn.

If your Utah lawn care chores in April include dealing with White Grubs, mushrooms, or other insects or diseases, feel free to contact us. We can examine your lawn and offer you some advice as to how to get the most out of your landscaping efforts.


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