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June Utah Lawn Care

June Utah lawn care now entails more mowing and watering than it does seeding and fertilizing. Warmer weather at night means rapid growth for your lawn, and you need to make sure you are taking care of it properly to keep the grass from getting brown, and from weeds, insects, or diseases from ruining your summer plans.

You should be mowing your lawn once a week at the 3″ or second highest setting. This will help keep your lawn green, and also prevent the onslaught of weeds, insects or diseases. You don’t want to remove too much of the blade of grass, as this will cause the grass to become brown. When you notice a home where their yard seems to always be brown you may notice how short the blades of grass are. That is often because they remove too much of the blade where the chlorophyll is stored. They may think they are reducing their work load as they won’t have to more as often; however, they are actually causing themselves more work since they are drying out their lawn.

Watering is also important as the temperatures begin to rise. People often have the tendency to either over-water or under-water their lawn. If you water the lawn twice a week and allow the water to penetrate 10″ of soil before you turn off the sprinklers you will be able to have deep roots and a healthy lawn even during the hot summer months.

The warmer weather also means an increase in the number of weeds and insects that you may see in your yard. Many annual weeds make their appearance in June, but you may be able to spot them before they penetrate the lawn. Often weeds like crabgrass and dandelions appear in the cracks of your sidewalk prior to invading your yard. If you spray them as soon as you spot them you have a good chance of killing them before they spread.

Insects are also on the rise this month. The warmer weather awakens them from their dormant state and they begin to look for a good place to spend the next few months. It is important to be on the lookout for infestations and to get rid of them as soon as possible.

If your Utah lawn care chores include trying to get rid or pests, or you are having problems that you don’t know how to resolve, feel free to contact us. We will offer you a consultation and let you know how you can have a beautiful lawn this year.

Lawn Care Utah Tips for Fall

As we enter September we know that summer is winding down and the warm days and cool nights of fall will soon be upon us. Lawn care Utah tips for fall include decreasing watering, increasing mowing, and thinking about next year’s lawn care.

Indian summer isn’t uncommon and often the beginning of September is still pretty hot. As the weather changes you will want to water only once or twice a week. However, you want to make sure you are still watering deeply, penetrating approximately ten inches of soil to access the grass roots. You may still see signs of drought if the weather has been exceedingly dry. If this is the case water early in the morning deeply to revitalize the lawn before the weather cools.

If you are thinking of replanting your lawn you will want to do it know instead of waiting until next spring. The cool temperatures will allow the seedinglings to establish themselves nicely. And if you replant before the middle of September you will give the lawn time to establish itself before winter sets in.

Another lawn care Utah tip for fall is to increase the number of times you mow in a month. Unlike the hot and dry late summer months, the cooler weather will encourage growth. You will still want to make sure that you are mowing at the three inch setting and not taking off more than the top third of the blade of grass to keep your lawn green and healthy.

If you are having issues with drought or have any other questions about preparing for fall, please contact us for Autumn lawn care Utah tips.

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