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Lawn Care Utah: Mowing Tips in October

While many aspects of lawn care Utah may be slowing down, mowing your lawn isn’t one of them. Because the weather is becoming cooler, you may find that you are mowing your lawn more frequently instead of less. Inspecting the lawn is also another important part of October lawn maintenance.

You need to make a personal inspection of your lawn every week to determine what it may need. Depending on the temperatures and amount of rain you receive in your area, you may need to mow more often. You will be the best judge of what you need to do as you prepare your lawn for fall and winter.

While you need to mow more often, you don’t need to change the height of the blade. No matter how hot or cold the weather may be you only want to remove the top of the blade. This makes sure your lawn looks green and healthy during this transitional time.

Practicing good lawn maintenance can help reduce the amount of weeds, insects and diseases your grass may suffer. Your roots will be deep and strong, and the grass will be tall enough to crowd out most of the weeds. If you water during the morning and allow the grass to dry in the warm summer sun, you may also be able to avoid many potential lawn diseases.

Monitoring your lawn during the month of October will help determining the type of lawn care Utah you may need. If you feel that you need more help, Turf Plus is willing to offer an inspection of your lawn to discover what you need. Contact us today and tell us what is going on with your lawn and we can let you know how we can help you.

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