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Utah Lawn Care: Moving In Tips

If you have just moved in to a new home, you may need to know what to do in order to take care of your lawn. Here are some Utah lawn care tips to help you get ready to take care of your lawn, and how to spot any potential problems you may need to resolve.



There are some basic tools you need to purchase in order to properly maintain your new yard. You will need a lawn mower, a weed trimmer, a rake, an aerator, an edger, some type of watering system and a grass seed spreader. You may have a sprinkler system installed on the property, if you do, you will need to check the settings, but we will look at that more later in the article.



Depending on how long the house has been vacant and how well it was cared for, you may have a lot of work ahead of you. The time of year you purchase the home may also impact the amount of lawn care necessary to maintain your yard.

If the home has been vacant for a while and the yard is overgrown, you will need to mow several times in order to get your yard in shape. If the lawn has grown over parts of the sidewalk or driveway, the edger will be able to help you re-train your lawn to keep it within its original borders.

Once your lawn is under control, you will only have to mow once a week during the summer and only a few times during the spring or fall. Once your lawn is regulated, mow at the 3″ setting to keep your grass healthy and reduce the chance of having weeds or insects invading your lawn.

Watering is also an important part of maintaining a healthy lawn. You need to make sure that the water is penetrating the soil deep enough that it reaches the roots of the grass. If you have an automated sprinkler system, make sure that it is reaching your entire lawn and not watering your driveway or sidewalk. Not only will this keep your yard hydrated, it will also help save money.

Watering 10″ deep twice a week is all you need to maintain your lawn. If you find the soil is dry, you may need to water your lawn more often for a few weeks in order to get your soil to the point where basic maintenance is all you will need.



An overgrown or dry lawn aren’t the only problems you may encounter when you purchase a new home. There may be bare patches or brown patches that need to be taken care of. Brown patches may indicate that you have insects, and they will need to be removed. Other problems can be different types of weeds, such as crab grass, or diseases.

If you find that your Utah lawn care for your new home includes trying to remove weeds, insects or diseases contact us and we can help you get your lawn in shape so that you can enjoy your new home.


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