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Tips on Traffic and Your Utah Lawn

With the warm months of summer comes barbecues, graduation parties, pool parties and backyard play dates. While this may mean a lot of fun for your family, it can also mean a lot of traffic for your lawn. Here are some tips on how to protect your Utah lawn from high traffic patterns.

Your lawn is made to be enjoyed. You want your family to be able to go out and play, but if your lawn is constantly being bombarded with the pitter patter of little feet, you may find bare patches in your yard. You can help control the traffic pattern with these tips:

  • Put in a walkway: If people often travel from the driveway to your back yard, consider putting in a walkway. You can make a nice simple path with a few lights to keep people safe when they are walking at night and it will keep people off of your grass.
  • Have a Play Area: If you have young children and you want them to be able to have a place to play on swings, slides or other outdoor play equipment, then you may want to have a designated play area. You can section this area off from the rest of the yard with bordering and wood chips to make it nice without hurting the rest of your yard.
  • Have a Patio: Having a patio will give your family a place to entertain and is a popular trend with the increase of out door living rooms and kitchens.
  • Install a fence: sectioning off your property may seem un-neighborly but it will help reduce foot traffic. People will be less likely to wander on your yard when walking their pets or cutting through yards when visiting another neighbor.

Your Utah lawn can be a nice place to entertain this year and many summers to come. Consider what type of entertaining you want to do and then use the best strategy to help keep your grass green and pretty instead of thin and patchy.

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