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Keep Your Utah Lawn from Melting This Summer

With the hot weather associated with July, you may feel like you are melting. Even your pets are hot and your plants seem to droop. When you look out at your backyard,

Keep Your Utah Lawn from Melting This Summer

your lawn seems to be wilting as well. Your Utah lawn may be more than just suffering from the heat, however.

One disease that is common in July is Helminthosporium. This disease, also known as melting out, creates browning patches in your yard. The way to tell if your lawn is infected with Helminthosporium is to look at the blades of grass. If the blade is brown on the edges with a line of purple and then green, your lawn is infected with this disease.

There are different ways you can prevent this disease from affecting your yard. In the spring you can aerate your yard to allow your roots to grow deep and healthy. If you mow your lawn high you will help your lawn become more resistant to this disease. If you reduce the number of times you water your lawn you can also prevent Helminthosporium.

Sometimes even the best maintenance can’t prevent every potential Utah lawn care issue. If your lawn suffers from Helminthosporium or another common lawn disease, contact us for help.


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