Utah Lawn Care: Winter Tips

Winter Utah lawn care maintenance is minimal. However there are some things that you should keep in mind this winter to make sure that you have a healthy lawn in the spring.


You need to make sure that you keep your lawn clear of debris. This includes fall leaves, branches, any toys to children may have left out, or any perennial plants that were not removed in the fall. Some trees keep their leaves later than others, especially if the fall was mild. In addition some plants may die at the first frost and need to be removed.


If it is a light snow year, you will want to check to see if there any weeds. While weeds may be slow-growing in the winter there will be times where you may see instances of weeds on your lawn. You want to make sure that you stay on top of these to be prepared for when the snow finally does arrive.


Another task that you can accomplish before the snow falls is to use a fast releasing nitrogen fertilizer. Because the ground is cold and hard it is easier for the grass to absorb the fast releasing fertilizer in the cold weather, while slow releasing fertilizer is better for the warm weather months.


When it does snow and you need to remove ice and snow from sidewalks or driveways try to avoid using salt. It is difficult to keep the salt off of the edges of the driveway or sidewalk and it can harm your lawn. It is better to use either sand or kitty litter to keep driveways and sidewalks safe in the winter.


In late winter you will need to aerate your lawn before starting your spring chores. In the meantime, vigilance is key to make sure that your lawn is kept clear and healthy until March. Even though Utah lawn care is minimal at this time of year Turf Plus is there to help. Contact us with any questions that you may have and ask us about or prepaid packages for the spring.

Utah Lawn Care: Spring Planning

In December there is not much work that needs to be done in terms of Utah lawn care. Homeowners can take advantage of this down time by starting to plan for spring. By starting work now you can take your time over the next several months obtaining tools or inventory that you need in order to be ready when the spring thaw comes next year.


One of the first things you may want to do is a fast your inventory. Take a look at your fertilizer, weed killer, or pesticides that you normally use to care for your lawn. If you are running low on any of these common staples you may want to purchase them now. This way you are ready to get started as soon as the weather starts to get warm.


You’ll also want to look at your tools. You want to check any of them for damage and sharpen items such as trimmers. Now may be a good time to tune up your lawnmower and sharpen the blades if they have become dull. If any of your tools need to be replaced or if you believe that you need some new tools for next year’s gardening, now is a good time to start placing hints for the holidays.


Utah lawn care includes maintenance, preventive maintenance, and making occasional adjustments to your landscape. You may want to check to make sure that your sprinklers are working properly. If you noticed last season that some areas were not properly watered you may want to make plans to adjust your automatic sprinklers for next season.


You may also want to decide whether to purchase grass seed for next year. You may have some areas that should be re-seated because you have bare patches or because you have made a change in your landscape determine what type of seed you want to buy now so that you can determine when it needs to be planted in the spring.


While Utah lawn care may be dormant in December it is never too early to start next year’s preparations. When starting early you are able to make sure that you have everything in place for the next growing season. If you have encountered any difficult challenges with your lawn last year you may want to consult with the specialists at Turf Plus in order to prevent similar problems next spring when you start caring for your lawn again.

Utah Lawn Tools for the Holidays

Tools are often a good choice as a gift for the avid gardener or the fussy homeowner who loves to take care for their lawn. Utah lawn tools are always a great gift for the holidays when trying to find something for that person who is always difficult to buy for.


There are many different great tools to buy that can help with the labor intensive aspects of carrying for a lawn. If the person has a large lawn that they have to take care of every year they may be interested in an electric dethatcher. Thatch is a layer of dead grass and weeds that can accumulate over time. Removing thatch is a good way to keep a lawn healthy all year round.


A nice gift that is also unique is a pair of aerating shoes. These shoes have spikes on them that help to create holes in a lawn. A similar idea would be a coring aerator. This device makes larger holes than a standard aerator and is often used in seeding, fertilizing, and preparing organic lawns.


A lawnmower is an important tool for keeping any Utah lawn healthy. There have been many different advancements in lawnmowers and some people who are early adopters or avid gardeners may be interested in some more technologically advanced mowers that are now available. Battery-powered mowers are efficient but also help protect the environment for those who prefer a lower carbon footprint or are trying to maintain an organic lawn. Robo mowers are self-propelled and help cut the work down for people who are trying to maintain a large lawn.


If you have an older family member on your gift list you may want to consider a weed remover. Some of these removers allow people to remain standing while weeding. This helps those who have bad backs or are unable to bend over while weeding. The gardener on your list will definitely thank you for this handy tool.


There are many different gift ideas for people who are looking to shop for homeowner who is struggling to maintain their Utah lawn. Asking the specialists at lawn care centers can help determine what tools may be best for the gardener who is on your holiday gift list. The thoughtful present of lawn tools well definitely put you on the top of the recipient’s good list.

Utah Lawn Care Reading List

Winter is a good time to do some reading. The weather is often cold and snowy and prohibits a lot of outdoor activities. There are many different books that help people learn how to take care of their lawns. A Utah lawn care reading list can include even more technological gadgets such as e-book readers and tablets.


If you have a Kindle there are many great gardening books on Amazon. Some of them have to do with lawn care for beginners, advanced lawn care or even organic lawn care. There are even some books available that can help the teenager in your house obtain some extra money mowing lawns.


If you have a Nook, Barnes & Noble also has many great titles for lawn care and gardening. Also with a Nook you can find great PDFs and load them onto your device for reading later.


Not all of the great reading material for gardening is on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Also some of the great documents available to help people with their lawn are free. If you search the Internet on your desktop, laptop, or tablet you will find many helpful PDFs that are low cost or free for download.


You can also start looking for gardening or lawn care blogs that you want to subscribe to. If you get in the habit of reading them during the winter months you will be more likely to maintain that habit in the spring and summer. If you subscribe to their RSS feed you can use Google reader to feed new posts to your smart phone, tablet, or email. This way you can keep updated on your Utah lawn care reading list even when you are at the in-Laws for the holidays.


Of course if you don’t have any of these devices you can always ask for them. Electronic devices make a great gift and may help give ideas to people who are having trouble determining what to buy for you for the holidays. There are also gift cards that are available for Barnes & Noble and Amazon to let you purchase your own Utah lawn care reading list titles.


If you are looking for free reading material to help get you started you can always read Turf Plus’ free e-book. It has some great tips for the beginner to help get your Utah lawn off to a good start the spring.

Utah Lawn: Planning Your Garden

While your Utah lawn remains dormant this winter you can start to make plans for next year. You may want to consider adding a garden to your landscape in the spring. There are many different benefits to adding a garden to improve the look and health of your lawn and your landscape during the summer months when you get to enjoy your lawn.


One of the first decisions that you will need to make is whether to have a flower garden or a vegetable garden. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages. Vegetable gardens take a lot of care and need to be placed in the right type of soil in order to provide an adequate harvest. Flower gardens look beautiful but can often take a lot of care to keep healthy. You must determine how much time and effort you will be able to put into your new garden to determine what type is beneficial for you.


Another aspect of Utah lawn planning when considering a garden is where it will go in terms of landscaping. If you have an overall idea of what your lawn will look like you have to determine where your garden should be placed. You need to determine sunlight, shade, and watering aspects based on the type of garden you want, the amount of sun and shade it will need, and how you want your garden to fit into your overall landscape.


One benefit of having a vegetable garden as opposed to a flower garden is decreasing food costs. Being able to grow a small vegetable garden that helps to feed your family will decrease the amount of food that you need to buy on your shopping trips. And food that you have grown yourself always seems to taste so much better compared to store-bought vegetables.


If you don’t have the right type of soil or have issues with too many trees in your yard you may want to look into the aspects of a container garden. Many people who have small lawns or live in apartments have started to realize the benefits of a container garden. These containers take up less room than a regular garden and can be removed as necessary to make sure that the vegetables receive the sunlight they need. Container gardens are also great for growing herbs or flowers and improve the beauty of a home.


Time moves quickly and before you know it your Utah lawn will need to be cared for. Take this brief break that you have to determine what changes you may want to make to your lawn such as adding a flower or vegetable garden to improve the look and efficiency of your property. If you have any lawn questions or concerns you can always contact Turf Plus any time of year for expert advice.

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