Utah Lawn and Spring Weeds

As the weather continues to warm up you will need to start examining your Utah lawn for weeds. The cold weather caused weeds to become dormant, but the warmth and rain of Spring will begin to activate them.


There are several different types of weeds that you will need to look for. They are all perennials, such as thistle, dandelion, and Mallow. Mallow is also known as cheese weed or cheese plant and is a broad leafed weed with a pink flower. While this weed is edible, you may not want it to overpower you lawn because it will crowd your grass and not allow it to grow healthy and strong.

You can use a pre-emergent herbicide to help control Mallow. If the patch is small enough you may want to consider hand weeding so that you can eat the plant if you want.

With other weeds, if they are thin and grass like you may want to consider a non-selective herbicide; or, you can use a selective herbicide for broad leafed weeds.

Preventing weeds from controlling your lawn is more about preventive maintenance than it is about attacking your lawn when they appear. Starting effective watering tips when you start your spring chores and mowing your lawn at the second highest setting will help prevent most weeds and diseases from infesting your lawn.

With a Utah lawn, your work is only beginning. But a little effort in the Spring will help you have a healthy and beautiful lawn during the summer and fall. If you have any questions or need help with your lawn care issues please feel free to contact us.


March Utah Lawn Care

March is here and according to a certain groundhog, there will be a early spring. This means that Utah lawn care will be starting in full swing before you know it. Are you ready?

This is a good month to start mowing the lawn. It will remove the brown tips and help your lawn to grow strong and healthy. Setting your mower to the second lowest setting for the first mow of the season will help remove more of the dead grass. After that, you should return your mower to the second highest setting when you cut your grass.

Another spring task that should be done is fertilizing. After you remove the dead grass, fertilizing will replenish vital nutrients that is needed after a long, cold winter. And when was the last time you aerated your lawn. If it has been a few years you may want to consider doing it now.

Utah lawn care in March doesn’t always include watering your grass, but it may be necessary. If the dirt is dry and hard, a thorough watering towards the end of the month will help repair your lawn and prevent the grass from drying out.

As spring progresses towards summer your Utah lawn care to-do list will lengthen. In the meantime, these few tips will help make sure your grass is green and healthy as you start to enjoy the warmer weather. If you have any questions about tips for lawn care or any pest problems you may have, feel free to contact us and see how we can help.

Utah Lawn: Supplies and Advice for Spring

Before the busy spring lawn care season starts, you may want to start looking for needed supplies and gathering information. This way you can prepare now and answer any questions you may have to have a green and healthy lawn this year.

Start looking for deals on any supplies that you will need, especially for the spring. Check your local lawn and garden supply stores to see when they will be carrying spring lawn supplies. Ask them about any new products they will be carrying and any specials they may have in the next few months. Saving a few dollars now can help you later in the year and may allow you to do some landscaping to improve your lawn later in the year.

Start gathering books and articles that you may need to help you with your spring lawn tasks. There are many e-books and online articles that are free or low cost that help new gardeners. Read the materials and start compiling a list of questions that you may have about your particular lawn needs. Then you can ask you local lawn and garden supply store personnel about any recommendations they may have. You can also feel free to contact us for advice. We are available all year round to answer any Utah lawn questions or help with pests, diseases or weeds that infect your lawn this year.

Utah Lawn Care Spring Calendar

If you are a new home owner you may be wondering what you need to do this spring to take care of the lawn. Here is a Utah lawn care spring calender to help give you an idea what you need to do the next few months and when.


This is when the weather warms enough that the ground will thaw. Unlike the brief thaws that happen in the winter, this thaw will be permanent and brings the promise of better weather to come. This is when you will want to de-thatch the lawn, or remove the large, irregular patches of high grass, that can grow with inconsistent weather in the late fall, early winter. You will also want to clear the lawn of any debris, such as branches and rocks. Then you need to check for any potential problems, such as weeds, disease, or damage from rock salt.

After you have de-thatched you lawn you will want to aerate. This will help ensure that water and fertilizer will reach the grass’ roots and encourage growth. Apply fertilizer, top soil and seed any bare spots. You may also want to apply a pre-emergent¬†herbicide to prevent germination of weeds in the spring.

Mid- May

Often you can mow for the first time in mid-May. For cool weather grass, it is recommended that you cut the grass at a height of 2.5″ to 3.5″ to prevent weed growth. Starting to water your lawn at this time will also encourage the health of your lawn and discourage weed growth. Water deeply and thoroughly to make sure that you reach the roots and saturate your lawn.

Spring lawn care is about preventive maintenance. Performing these steps now will help your lawn look healthy even during the dry summer months. Utah lawn care in the spring will also minimize weeds, pests and diseases that can effect your lawn later in the year. If you have any questions about how to care for your lawn in the spring, contact us now to find out how we can help you with your lawn care needs.

Check Your Utah Lawn Now

While you may not need to start spring tasks for your lawn right now there are things that you can do to lessen you work load in March and April. By checking your Utah lawn now, you can determine exactly what you will need to do to get your lawn ready for the summer.

You will want to look for any bare patches that you will want to reseed this spring. If any toys, lawn furniture, or tarps were left out on the lawn remove them and check the grass underneath. There may be bare patches, snow mold, or weeds that need to be cared for in the next few months. You will also want to look for signs of weeds that will need to be removed to prevent them from choking the lawn. Sometimes weeds may grow late in the season if the winter was mild or got a late start.

Checking the rest of the lawn for signs of snow mold or other damages, such as from rock salt. If the rock salt applied to driveways or sidewalks landed on the grass it could damage it. Any dead branches or rocks that were blown down or thrown into the yard need to be removed before aerating and fertilizing the lawn.


Make a list of any problems you will need to take care of during the early spring lawn care maintenance. If you have any questions regarding your Utah lawn and how to care for it this spring, feel free to contact us for answers.

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