After surveying many of our customers, we found some common myths which can be very problematic. In an effort to alleviate some of these misunderstandings, we offer the second instalment of our 5 part series, we give you myths 8 and 7.  As always, if you have any questions or comments, please take advantage of the comments section below this post. Read More →

The Top 10 Myths of Lawn Care and What YOU Can Do It

How healthy is your lawn? Is it green, lush and weed-free? Is it everything you want it to be? We hope so, but if not, maybe a little extra knowledge can help. We’ve surveyed many of our customers to find out which myths are most common and problematic. In an effort to alleviate some of these misunderstandings, we offer these 10 myths and what to do about them.

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You may have already started seeing crabgrass and other summer annuals in the cracks of your sidewalk or driveway. This is an indicator of the weeds that may soon infiltrate your lawn. You should have already received a first application of pre-emergence. A second application will help reinforce the pre-emergence barrier, and therefore prevent many of these weed-seeds from taking root and infesting your lawn.

The pre-emergence window is coming to a close.  Act now and keep that nasty crabgrass out!

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The weather is warmer, your lawn is dryer


DroughtOver the past couple of weeks the weather has really started to warm up and therefore the lawn is drying up.  If you haven’t started watering your lawn yet this year, you will probably be seeing signs of temporary drought (a dark-green, smoky-colored area that doesn’t readily spring back when stepped on), and permanent drought (damaged, straw-colored blades).  Now is a great time to check your sprinklers to see if they are watering sufficiently in all areas of your lawn.  If you see signs of drought in certain areas, increase the depth of watering to the affected areas.

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