Lawn Care Utah: Organic Lawn Care Alternatives

The organic method of lawn care in Utah can be affective in keeping your lawn healthy and preventing the growth of weeds or the

Lawn Care Utah: Organic Lawn Care Alternatives

Lawn Care Utah: Organic Lawn Care Alternatives

appearance of pests. If you want to try organic lawn care methods for your yard this growing season, here are some tips to get you started.

Top Soil

Have 8 or more inches of topsoil in order to improve your chances of succeeding with organic lawn care. Use compost once every few years to help the growth and health of your lawn. Some people only compost their yards once and have found they never need to do it again. Consider the appearance of your lawn before making the decision to compost on a frequent basis.


You don’t want to water your lawn constantly if you want to use organic lawn care in Utah. In the spring water your lawn deeply to encourage strong roots. During the summer, you will want to water the lawn once a week early in the morning. Make sure the water penetrates at least one inch of soil to be effective.


Make sure the pH level of your lawn stays between 6-7. If it is under or over that level you will need to treat it to keep your lawn healthy.


A protein based fertilizer feeds your lawn without attracting pests. Fertilize your lawn in the spring and then three weeks before your grass stops growing to keep your lawn looking its best.

Many people are looking at ways to keep their lawns looking nice without using a lot of chemicals are artificial products. Consult your local garden center to find the best organic products in your area, and with a little extra effort you can have a nice lawn with the use of insecticides or pesticides.


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