Lawn Care Utah: Billbugs

One of the common pests that appear in July is Billbugs. While the adult doesn’t harm your lawn, its young feed on blades of grass to grow big and strong. Learn the common signs your lawn may be infested with Billbugs and how to treat them.

Lawn Care Utah: Billbugs


Billbugs are a type of weevil and the adult female Billbug makes holes in your lawn to lay eggs. When the young hatch they are grubs approximately 1/3 of an inch long. They don’t have any legs, and they are often cream-colored with a brown head.

Unlike the Sod Webworm, the Billbug lays their eggs in the late summer or spring. When the grubs hatch, they eat the crown area of the plants and can kill it. You can tell if your plants have been attacked by young Billbugs if the top of the plant looks as if it is been sawed off.

Older Billbug grubs eat lower down on the plants, closer to the root. If there are signs of small grains that look similar to sawdust surrounding patches of grass on your lawn, then you may be seeing the signs of older grubs. Billbugs are especially dangerous to new lawns, but any type of lawn is susceptible to the damage these insects cause.

No matter what type of insects that may infect your Utah lawn, we can help. Contact us, and we can set up an inspection in order to determine what type of infestation you may have and how to treat your lawn so that you can enjoy it once again.

The signs of a Billbug infestation are similar to other lawn care Utah issues. One of the main signs of an infestation is large patches of dry grass you can pull up in a large clump. A sign that your lawn may be infested by Billbugs is that in addition to these patches you will see that the stems of grass are hallowed out.

Larvae of the Billbug look similar to a grub and are white and legless. They feed by penetrating the grass at the stem and consuming all its nutrients. The adults are beetles that are brown or black and have a long nose. By the time they reach this stage of their development they are no longer a threat to your lawn.

The prime growing season for Billbugs is June and July, but they develop throughout the summer. If you notice a Billbug infestation you need to retreat your lawn with an insecticide weekly until you are sure they are gone.

If your lawn care Utah maintenance includes getting rid of Billbugs or other pests you may want to contact us for help. We will apply the initial treatment and return as often as is necessary to reapply the treatment until your lawn is pest free.

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