July Utah Lawn Care

July is the first full official month of summer. It means long, hot days and warm nights. In terms of Utah lawn care, July is also a time when you need to be concerned about watering, weeds, and insects.

Water and Mowing

July can often be hot and drought is not uncommon during this time. If you didn’t adjust your sprinklers in the spring, you may see brown spots on your lawn where the water is not reaching your grass. Make sure that you just your sprinklers to reach all of your lawn and to eliminate areas where water is reaching the driveway or sidewalk as much is possible.

You should still only have to water your lawn once or twice a week. As long as you are allowing the water to saturate the soil approximately 10 inches, your grass should stay green even during long periods of hot temperatures with little or no rain.

If your lawn is hot and dry, you may want to reduce the amount of time that you spend mowing your lawn. You don’t need to remove too much green, as grass is often sensitive to drought and you may end up with a brown, dreary looking yard. As usual, mow at the second highest setting and only remove the top one third of the grass.

Peak Season

July is the beginning of the peak season for both insects and weeds. For weeds, crabgrass is often seen in spots on your lawn now, and can continue throughout the rest of the growing season. If you tackle weeds at the first sign of appearance, you may be able to reduce the chance that you will have to enforce weed management for the rest of the summer.

There are many different insects that are seen now that the weather is consistently warm. Billbugs and Sod Webworm are just two of the many types of insects that you may begin to see on your lawn. You should consistently check for signs of infestation to make sure that you get rid of the past before they take hold of your lawn.

With preparation, July can be an enjoyable month in terms of Utah lawn care. But this does not mean that you can neglect your lawn for other summer duties. Make sure that you continue to monitor watering, check for signs of insects are weeds, and mow your lawn to keep the grass healthy and prevent lawn pests from harboring there for the summer.

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