Dandelions and Your Utah Lawn

As the temperatures continue to rise and April showers steadily fall, you may see many different weeds spread throughout your Utah Lawn. Some are hazardous to your grass and plants, while others are merely an annoyance. If you see dandelions popping up in your lawn, should you be concerned?

Dandelions are a weed and can make it difficult for some types of grass to grow properly. In this growing trend of organic foods, however, there are some who say that dandelions are good to eat and don’t need to be seen as the enemy. So, if you have a dandelion problem, do you need to grab weed killer or a fork?

That is your decision to make. Patches of dandelions on your Utah lawn won’t enhance aesthetics and they are difficult to control. They spread when their seeds blow in the wind, which doesn’t make them almost impossible to prevent. Once they appear on you lawn it’s not like you can restrict them to one specific area.

Removing them has also proven difficult, as they are resistant to most herbicides. When you are considering your feelings about these yellow weeds children love to pick, you may want to review how you will treat your lawn once they appear.

It is possible to pick them by hand and use them as a food source, as long as you haven’t sprayed them with herbicides first. You can also pull them out and dispose of them manually if you only consider them a nuisance. If you are adamant at trying to prevent them from penetrating specific areas of your lawn, especially if you have seeded an area and encouraging growth, there are burlap seed covers you can purchase and lay out to help prevent dandelion seeds from taking root in the ground.

You have a lot of work ahead of you when maintaining your Utah lawn this spring and summer. You may want to decide now which battles are important ones to fight, and which conflicts are less important. Dandelions may be one area where you may decide to live and let live, or look up online for some great recipes. If, however you feel that dandelions or any other weeds are growing out of control, you may want to contact us for help.

The Dreaded Dandelion

With Spring comes a great many fun and fantastic things, warm weather, blue skies, and a thriving lawn among them. Sadly, with the good comes the bad, and mild weather combined with Spring sunshine is the dreaded Dandelions favorite environment.

Though pretty, the bright yellow weeds are virile, and are more than capable of overrunning your lawn unless properly maintained. Their little white seeds are notoriously hearty and allow Dandelion weeds to spread in exponentially large waves.

Taking steps to prevent initial Dandelion growth is the best strategy to managing them. Applying pre-emergent herbicide early in Spring will help to prevent Dandelion germination, and mowing your lawn on a high setting helps your lawn outcompete Dandelion seeds.

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