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Utah Lawn Care: The Dangers of Over and Under Watering

Utah Lawn Care: The Dangers of Over and Under Watering

An important part of Utah lawn care is watering. The dangers of under watering may be obvious; however there is a danger in

over watering your lawn. With a careful balance, your lawn can look beautiful no matter what Mother Nature throws at you during the growing season.

Under Watering

If you under water your lawn, your grass will become dry and brittle. The signs of a lawn that hasn’t received enough water are:

  • You will have brown patches on your lawn
  • If you press on an area of grass it doesn’t immediately spring back up
  • Blades of grass are curled around the edges or look wilted

Over watering

The main problems you encounter if you over water your lawn are that you encourage disease or fungus to grow. You also run the risk of causing problems with your neighborhood society. With the water issues, many areas have regulations regarding when and how much homeowners can water their lawns. You need to understand the rules in your area as part of creating a maintenance schedule.

Maintenance Schedule

Creating a Utah lawn care maintenance schedule includes feeding, treating, and watering your lawn. Here are some things to consider adding to your maintenance schedule:

  • Different types of grass require different levels of water. Make sure you understand the requirements of your type of grass before you plant it.
  • Encourage deep roots by soaking your lawn up to ten inches deep in the spring to help encourage growing deep roots.
  • Concentrate your sprinklers to make sure they water your lawn and not your sidewalk or driveway
  • Temperature, humidity, and wind can all affect watering. If the day is windy, the wind can evaporate the water before it has time to soak your lawn.
  • Watering early in the morning, between 4 am and 6 am, can help make sure that your lawn receives the water it needs, especially on hot or windy days.

Keeping these tips in mind can help you have a healthy and beautiful lawn all summer, no matter what the weather may be.  And if you find that you have issues with your lawn even after following these tips, contact us to help. We have Utah lawn care experience and we can help you isolate and solve your lawn problems.

Don’t Let Watering Your Utah Lawn Ruin Budget

Homeowners take pride in their Utah lawn. They spend a lot of time and money purchasing the proper tools and products to make their yard look strong and healthy. Homeowners often like to water their lawns, but may be afraid that their water bill will offset any pleasure they may take in their lawn the summer.

Watering Basics

It is possible to water your lawn without seeing a huge water bill at the end of the summer. If you take some careful steps, you will find that your grass is greener than your neighbors even during the longest drought. You also find a nice surprise at the end of the summer when it comes time to receive your next water bill.

  • Watering system: while a watering system may seem like an expensive investment, it will benefit you in the long run. You can water your entire lawn more efficiently than with a sprinkler system or a hose.
  • Water deep: if you want to be able to water your lawn more efficiently, then you need to make sure that your watering system is penetrating the soil the proper depth before shutting off. In order to train your brew system, you need to make sure that the water is reaching a depth of 10 inches.
  • Watering timing: the time when you water your lawn is just as important as how long you water your lawn. During hotter weather it is advisable to water your lawn earlier in the morning to prevent the water from a evaporating.

There is a way to be able to water your lawn without spending a lot of money or using too much water. By following these tips you can have a healthy and beautiful Utah lawn the summer.

Keep Your Utah Lawn Beautiful Without Excessive Watering

The Summer months (especially July) are often very hot and dry. As you travel to family picnics, vacations, and picking your children up from summer camp, you may see lawn after lawn with

Keep Your Utah Lawn Beautiful Without Excessive Watering

dry brown patches. You may be wondering how you can prevent this from happening to your lawn without excessive watering.

Water Early

If you have a timer for your watering system, set it so that it will run early in the morning. This will give the water a chance to soak the dirt and penetrate the roots before it evaporates. This is especially beneficial if there is a strong breeze that may carry the water away before it has a chance to reach your lawn.

Mow High

Another way to keep your Utah Lawn beautiful during the hot summer months is to adjust the setting on your lawn mower. The top of your grass is where most of your beautiful color resides, so setting your mower to 2 ½ to 3 inches will gently trim your lawn without losing color. Any most mowers, this is the second to highest setting.

In addition to keeping your lawn green when others are browning out, you can reduce your water usage as well. It will strengthen your root system while allowing you to irrigate less often. It will also help reduce the occurrence of weeds.

There is a way to keep your Utah lawn beautiful while still protecting the environment. Water early in the morning and mow high to keep your lawn rich and green this summer.

Keep Your Watering Strategy Up-To-Date Throughout the Year

Few of us can afford to waste water, and failing to seasonally adjust your watering strategy threatens your finances as well as the health of your lawn.  Properly watering your full root zone (10 inches of moist soil) often means considering seasonal limitations such as temperature and evaporation rates.  Here are a few tips on adjusting your watering frequency to ensure optimal lawn health:

SPRING WATERING: To start the greening process, consider providing only one deep watering to your lawn during March.  Then, as you move into April, water your lawn deeply once per week.

SUMMER WATERING: During the Summer, temperatures rise and grass typically begins to wilt.  To counteract this process, gradually increase watering frequency up to every other day if needed while continuing to water deeply each time.  Watering every day, however, is not recommended, as it increases the chances of fungus problems.

FALL WATERING: Once Fall rolls around, decrease the frequency of your watering as temperatures begin to cool; two to four waters in October should keep your lawn at its peak green.

The cooler weather means that you can continue to reduce the number of times you water your lawn. You may find that even one or two times a week is sufficient, as long as you continue to water just as deeply as you did during the hot summer months.

This will continue to condition the roots and keep your lawn green and healthy as the seasons change. You can continue to water your lawn through the end of the month. In Utah, it is rare to have weather cold enough to freeze water in sprinkling systems before Halloween.

On the last day of October, you can plan to empty your sprinkling system and stop using it for the rest of the year.

It is also a good time to inspect your system and make a note of any repairs or changes you will need to do to your sprinklers next year. Preparation is a major part of the Utah lawn care winterization you will need to perform over the next several months.

Finally, as any seasoned lawn lover knows, freezing temperatures can bust your sprinklers.  Drain your sprinkler system and turn it off in early November to prevent them from freezing during the winter months.

White Grubs: The Illusion of Draught

You’ve applied herbicides, insecticides, and taken pains to root out the weeds and pests in your lawn;  You’ve carefully gauged the hydration of your yard, applied the latest and greatest watering techniques, and ensured that you’ve tempered the height of your lawn according to the standards of the season; You’ve been thorough, devoted, and passionate in your pursuit of a lush, healthy green lawn; yet sadly, despite your best efforts, the dry brown patches typical to draught in the Summer months have begun to set in.

Little is more frustrating than seeing your hard work come to naught.

If your lawn seems like its drying out despite constant watering and maintenance, the problem may not be dehydration.  Though gray-green coloring, wilting, and uneven patches are the signs typical to poor hydration during the hot months, they are literally the exact same symptoms of a white grub infestation.

Happily, testing for white grubs is nearly as easy as eliminating them.  Locate affected areas, pull up on the wilted grass firmly, and, if the issue is indeed white grubs, the grass will pull up evenly and the little white monsters will be visible and exposed.

Looking to wipe out the squirming root demons chomping at your lawn?  Carefully apply insecticide directly to the affected areas and check back periodically (once or so a week) for results.  The process should work quickly, and as the white grubs die the spread of brown patches will cease and the little grubs will be dead on top of the soil.


White grubs become especially prominent during the later Summer months.  Check for them as July sets in and ensure you take care of them quickly (they spread fairly rapidly).  For more information on White Grubs, feel free to check our Lawn Tips section at http://turfplusutah.com/tips/


The Dreaded Dandelion

With Spring comes a great many fun and fantastic things, warm weather, blue skies, and a thriving lawn among them. Sadly, with the good comes the bad, and mild weather combined with Spring sunshine is the dreaded Dandelions favorite environment.

Though pretty, the bright yellow weeds are virile, and are more than capable of overrunning your lawn unless properly maintained. Their little white seeds are notoriously hearty and allow Dandelion weeds to spread in exponentially large waves.

Taking steps to prevent initial Dandelion growth is the best strategy to managing them. Applying pre-emergent herbicide early in Spring will help to prevent Dandelion germination, and mowing your lawn on a high setting helps your lawn outcompete Dandelion seeds.

For more information on Dandelions and ways to prevent/exterminate them, feel free to visit our blog tips section here


Managing Post-Winter Damage

The snows are melting, the temperature’s are rising, and as the sun begins to peak through the post winter gloom, lawn enthusiasts may grow disheartened at the state of their lawn. What was once a lush, beautiful spread of grass has degenerated into a series of dead, uneven patches and sparse, winter damaged clumps.

Lawn owners should, however, take heart as a combination of time and a Summer sunlight/water cocktail work to grow your lawn out to its full potential. To expedite the process of re-growth and repair, however, consider implementing a simple and effective lawn care practice:

Once the snow and frost are completely gone, mow your lawn once entirely on the second lowest setting. This evens out the height of your lawn and stimulates growth.

Second, let your lawn grow out until you can mow it on the second highest setting of your machine. From this point on, continue mowing your lawn at your desired height while enjoying your lush, green lawn.

Check our blog weekly for simple tips, tricks, and advice that will keep your lawn healthy at a price you can afford

Prevent Pests with Our Pre-Emergent Applications

As the snow melts and the temperatures rise, Utahns statewide are gearing up for green lawns and healthy grass.  Caution should be taken, however, for as the days grow balmier annual pests and weeds will begin to make an appearance in your lawn.  Taking preventive measures now can drastically reduce the amount of crab grass, spurge, and other yard pests you have to deal with when your grass begins to grow.

Happily, our pre-emergent applications are now included with both our second and third round of April and May sprays.  Pre-emergent applications are a preventive measure that deters the growth of weeds like crabgrass and prevents them from spreading throughout your lawn.

Show your lawn a little TLC this year with our pre-pay discounts and comprehensive sprays.

Cheers to you and your lawn!


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